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Could Your Cell Phone be Making You Fat?

The Invisible Threat to Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland’s small size belies its enormous importance in regulating your metabolism. If the production of thyroid hormone slows down, you’re likely to gain 5 to 10 extra pounds. Or more.

Next to diabetes, a sluggish thyroid (or hypothyroidism) is the most common endocrine disorder in this country. Other symptoms include constipation, depression, dry skin, fatigue, hair loss, intolerance to cold, muscle cramps, and slow heart rate.

Radiation zeroes in on the thyroid as though this gland were painted with a target. Today, there’s growing evidence that even low-level radiation may have an effect on the thyroid. Studies in rats have found that exposure to both 50 Hz (European electrical system) and 900 mHz (cell phones) electromagnetic radiation decreases the production of thyroid hormone, leading to symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Research in the Toxicology Letter finds that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cell phones lower blood levels of thyroid hormones. Another study shows that both thyroid cells and immuno-reactive nerve fibers are significantly impacted by EMFs. In humans, young children and pregnant women, as well as the developing fetus, appear most sensitive to the thyroid-damaging effects of radiation.

Dr. Ann Louise’s Take:

Thyroid disorders are epidemic. I have always suspected that the flood of EMFs in the environment over the past 10 years is contributing to the dramatic increase in both hypo- and hyperthyroidism.

After the 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl, exposed children started developing thyroid cancer sooner and in larger numbers than scientists expected. The rate of thyroid cancer rose an astonishing 2400%!

A review of thyroid and other cancer incidence and mortality among U.S. firefighters—who are exposed to numerous toxins through inhalation—reached the surprising conclusion that exposure to EMFs and radiofrequency (RF) radiation was, in fact, what raises their cancer risk!

The good news is that this kind of exposure is largely preventable.......