HealthExposing Children to Cell Phones is Risky


Hi, Welcome to Tech Harmony Africa. You probably have a Mobile Phone Right Now! That Mobile Phone could cause YOU Brain Cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed. You Need to Protect Yourself from the Radiations coming from that Mobile Phone. We introduce to you The Neutralizer; a Scientific Product that has been Proven to Protect YOU from Harmful Health Effects of Mobile Phone Radiations. DONT TAKE RISK, TAKE PRECAUTION NOW. Find out how.

Dangers of Mobile Phone Radiations

  • Damages the blood brain barrier
  • Unwinds human DNA
  • Raises children's risk of brain cancer five-fold
  • Decreases sperm count and quality



Aulterra’s Neutralizer is a scientific option for reducing the EMF’s produced by electronic devices.

What it is |    How to use it | Where to Get it

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